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How can families and society hold perpetrators accountable?

At the heart of domestic abuse lies the coercive controller, a perpetrator whose manipulation and dominance thrive when not held accountable. Tragically, when families fail to hold these abusers accountable, it unwittingly reinforces their power and control, perpetuating a cycle of violence that impact lives and communities. Coercive control is

Supporting Neurodivergent people impacted by coercive and controlling behaviour

The neurodivergent-led organisation, Neurodiverse Connection, is hosting a summit on grooming and coercive control in the context of neurodivergence, focusing on victimisation and perpetration and responses to this. Key speakers include Dr Amy Pearson (Sunderland University), Dr Nicole Renehan (Durham University), Meena Kumari (HOPE), Sav Vaid (Go Getta) Luke Martin