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Webinars 2021

Cross-cultural Training Webinars 2021

In 2021 H.O.P.E will be offering Cross-cultural training webinars with a with a number of speakers who have all been guest speakers on the national H.O.P.E calls in 2020. These webinars are for the purposes of enhancing effective cross-cultural interaction.

These webinars are especially open to those working within the domestic abuse, sexual violence/abuse and safeguarding sector.

H.O.P.E would like to thank Lloyds Foundation Fund for enabling H.O.P.E to run these sessions through a grant.

In 2021 you can book onto:


Natasha Broomfield-Reid – Race and Privilege

Meeting Link


Hibo Wardere – Why Female Genital Mutilation needs to be discussed

Meeting Link


Naomi Donald– From reporting domestic abuse as a survivor to gaining a successful prosecution

Meeting Link


Ngozi Fulani- In conversation with Sistah Space

Meeting Link


Jahnine Davis – Strong Black girls also experience abuse

Meeting Link


Dr Prospera Tedam– Witchcraft and Spiritual abuse is not just a hidden issue

Meeting Link


Sahdaish Pall BEM Sikh Women’s Action Network (SWAN)- Discussing Sexual abuse/exploitation/ grooming  within the Sikh Community

Meeting Link


Salim Khalifa – LGBT+ Communities and Domestic Abuse

Meeting Link


Bal Kaur Howard – Discussing Modern Slavery

Meeting Link


Craig Pinkey – Working with Black Men and Boys

Meeting Link
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