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Digital Art Project

#12Women #25Women #38Women #50Women #63Women #75Women #88Women #100Women #blackinDA HOPE meets activism:

Celebrating black and minority ethnic professionals tackling domestic abuse/sexual violence.

Project Launched 22.6.2020

Project Launched 3.8.2020

Project Launched 5.10.2020

Project Launched 11.12.2020

Project Launched 8.3.2021

Project Launched 7.6.2021

Project Launched 1.9.2021

Project Launched 25.11.2021

What is the H.O.P.E Digital Art Project?

Art project that raises awareness of and celebrates black, Asian and minority ethnic women working / advocating / campaigning within the domestic abuse & sexual violence sector

A national platform where professionals and survivors discuss the impact of domestic abuse in minority ethnic communities

Raise funds for charities supporting black, Asian & minority ethnic victim

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The huge rise in domestic abuse reports during COVID-19 lockdown, and the implementation of subsequent social distancing measures, added to the [already enormous] strain on specialist support services. We have seen this effect Women children and Men. Facing this challenge head-on, the black & minority communities domestic abuse sector started a regular national Zoom meeting to focus on solutions.

Organised and hosted by Meena Kumari, of H.O.P.E Training & Consultancy, the meetings bring together domestic abuse professionals, survivors and activists from all over the UK to discuss the impact of domestic abuse on people from black Asian and minority ethnic communities. The meetings quickly took off – from 30-40 sign-ups in the first month, to over 160 more recently. David Lammy MP, Nicole Jacobs (Domestic Abuse Commissioner), Professor Aisha Gill CBE, Nazir Afzal OBE, Baroness Sandip Verma and  Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and other high-profile figures have joined grassroots organisations, activists, academics and practitioners, focused on measures support victims, particularly during lockdown.

Inspired by the women present at these meetings, Meena teamed up with artist and University of Central Lancashire Psychology graduate, Daisy Meredith, to create the #blackinDA digital art project.  Speaking about the project, Meena said it is about raising the voices of inspirational agents of change. It is a celebration of the black & minority ethnic women who have come together at these meetings to share their professional and personal experiences to help create a better, brighter future for victims.”

If you would like to use any or all of the digital art project images for publicity campaigns, website material, or on social media, please make a donation by getting in touch with the women via clicking on the pictures below . All the Women involved have offered their images & quotes out of kindness and care. 

This project has been 100% funded by Meena Kumari from H.O.P.E.

Digital artwork created by
Dizzy Lou Illustrations

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