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DA/SV Calls During COVID-19

During Covid-19 H.O.P.E Training & Consultancy (supported by HARM NetworkDr Olumide Adisa &  Sarah Wigley Associates) have been providing a platform for  Black & Minority Ethnic Communities to have a discussion about how domestic/sexual abuse/ violence is impacting survivors during Covid-19.

The aims of these Zoom calls are to:

Create a safe space for front line workers, activists, survivors, academics, policy makers and students among many others, to come together during this pandemic and discuss issues impacting them and those they are supporting.

Motivate those attending to expand their learning enabling them to increasing their knowledge to inform their future action.

Forge the links for those attending to feel Stronger, Supported and more Connected during Covid-19.

Recurring questions already identified during these meetings are (just to name a few):

Where are the voices of Black women/men/children when we are discussing Domestic Abuse/ Sexual Violence?

Where/When will funding be made more mainstreamed and accessible for Black & Minority Ethnic communities working with survivors?

Why are police reports of domestic abuse/sexual violence from Black & Minority Ethnic communities are lower then in other communities?

Why do we as a society do not routinely discuss historical sexual abuse within Black & Minority Ethnic communities?

H.O.P.E Meetings

Information on past H.O.P.E meetings for 2020:

29.1.2021 - 12-1:30pm- THIS MEETING HAS NOW ENDED

Discussing how domestic abuse front line services are dealing with the 2nd lockdown and how domestic abuse services have dealt with referral increases. This call will be opened by Pamela Zaballa Global Director, Raquel Rosario Sanchez- Filia, Aygul Ozdemir- KMEWO Organisation, Su Bhuhi MBE- CEO Aanchal Women’s Aid and Mariam Ahmed The Daisy Project.

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26.2.2021 - 12-1:30pm- THIS MEETING HAS NOW ENDED

Discussing how domestic abuse is impacting families during lockdown.

This call will be opened by Darren Laville from The Epiphany People CIC. This was set up in 2018  founder Darren Laville. In March 2016 he personally felt the impact serious youth violence when he lost his own son. Then 6 months later when he lost a young man he cared for to county lines. Other speakers include Naomi Donald Founder of PODS CIC & Authentic Voices Safelives, Jenni Steele International Author ,Presenter , YPIDVA & YPISVA ,RSE Educator and  Founder @projectyana17 also National Ambassador DVUK, Lara Oyedele Trustee  @Housing21 and Board Member,  Sabreena Grant Court based IDVA and Michaela Campbell PhD Student who will be discussing Under the radar: *amplifying the voices of Black and Minority Ethnic Children experiencing domestic abuse*

Meeting Link

9.3.2021 - 12:00-14:00- THIS MEETING HAS NOW ENDED

Collective Efficacy, Community Safety, Domestic Abuse during and after C19. Collaboration event with Suffolk university (DARNet) led by Dr Olumide Adisa.


What does an effective community response to DA look like? How has the pandemic, and ensuing economic downturn, impacted existing community responses, and how have service providers negotiated these challenges? How can we empower and equip communities to deal with DA in the future? How might we use the evidence base behind emerging community-focused approaches in responding to DA?

This first event will explore these questions and more, featuring an exciting line-up of facilitators and contributors, including the Designate Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales, Nicole Jacobs. Professor Liz Kelly will explore how community-level factors can expand or constrain a victim’s ‘space for action’ to disclose abuse.

Dr Ruth Weir will share her research on why the links between neighbourhood-level factors, community assets and DA matter. While DARNet members, Dr Katherine Allen, Katie Tyrrell and Suffolk’s DA Champions Coordinators will share a recent evaluation and learning on the DA Champions initiative. Meena Kumari will also share her insights of organising a collective during C19. Both Dr Olumide Adisa and Dr Roxanne Khan will share their findings from a commissioned mapping research from the accounts of multi-agency participants supporting minoritised communities. Guddy Burnet and Katie London from Standing Together Against Domestic Violence will share insights on their community coordination work across five London boroughs during C19. Also, this event will feature contributions from a service provider on their experiences delivering Anchor+, an independently evaluated programme for migrant women with additional needs (mental health, alcohol addiction, and drug misuse).

This event has been supported by Suffolk County Council and UKRI.

To book: Collective Efficacy, Community Safety, Domestic Abuse during and after C19 Tickets, Tue 9 Mar 2021 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

Meeting Link

27.4.2021 - 12-1:30pm Collaboration Event with Suffolk University

From minoritised to centralised identities: paradigm shifts in tackling DA (special theme)  

There is a growing understanding that there are no ‘one size fits all’ approach to tackling DA? How can policy makers, commissioners and services ensure that every survivor’s safety and support needs are met? How can communities work to amplify survivors’ voices from minoritised communities and confront perpetration?

The pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and ongoing political contention in the UK and beyond have brought these and similar questions of identity and intersectionality into sharp focus. Some of the current gaps in the safety net are clear – Black and minoritised, migrant, LGBTQIA+ and disabled survivors face additional barriers in accessing timely, effective support, and their voices often go unheard in public conversations about DA.

Join a diverse panel of fantastic speakers to discuss and frame a new call for action in bridging these gaps including tackling the sector-wide inequalities and marginalisation that create a conducive context for worse outcomes for those under the radar of mainstream services.

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30.4.2021 - 12-1:30pm

Speakers include: Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi MP, Detective Sergeant Pal Singh (Commander Ivan Balhatchet’s Private Office), National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on Honour-Based Abuse, Forced Marriage & Female Genital Mutilation, Sabby Khatri Writer, feminist, anti-racist activist, will be discussing about her own lived experience, Natasha Rattu  Barrister &  Executive Director of Karma Nirvana and Helen Jenkins (Home Office), Interpersonal Abuse Unit (TBC).

Meeting Link

25.6.2021 - 12-1:30pm

Domestic Abuse within Black, African, Asian and other Minority Ethnic heritage communities during Covid-19 Meeting 19.

Speakers included : Jackie Kibs- Founder of La Grace de Francoise Farah Nazeer – CEO Womens Aid Cllr Manjit Kaur Saini -Abbey Ward Cllr for Leicester CC Charlotte Maxwell – Trainee clinical psychologist/ researcher Sarah Danger- Ops Manager/Deputy CEO AAFDA

(This meeting has now ended)

Meeting Link

30.7.2021 - 12-1:30pm

Domestic Abuse within Black, African, Asian and other Minority Ethnic heritage communities during Covid-19 Meeting 20

Speakers include:

Bhagwati Chohan- Domestic Abuse Survivor 12:05-12:15

Jestina Duncan – Family Support worker at BC Women’s Aid & Living Beyond Surviving CIC 12:15-12:25

Leethen Barthalomew- Leethen Bartholomew Head of Boloh Helpline & National FGM Centre (Barnados) 12:25-12:35

Viran Wiltshire – Detective Sergeant : Domestic Abuse Team Lead -Met Police 12:35-12:45

Rebecca Obasanjo- Community & MARAC Independent Domestic Abuse Adviser- Oasis Domestic Abuse Service 12:45-12:55

Meeting Link

26.11.2021 - 12-1:30pm

Domestic Abuse within Black, African, Asian and other Minority Ethnic heritage communities during Covid-19 . Speakers included Apsana Begum MP, Cllr Denise Scott- Mcdonald, Daisy (Activist) , Ngozi Fulani (Sistah Space), Andrea Simon (EVAW) & Tre Ventour (writer & poet)

Meeting Link

Information on past H.O.P.E meetings for 2020:


Launch of H.O.P.E meeting. This meeting has ended.


Discussing the funding of Black, Asian and minority ethnic domestic abuse/ sexual violence services. This meeting was opened by David Lammy MP. This meeting was co-chaired by professor Aisha Gill. This meeting has ended.


Discussing Domestic Abuse within faith based communities. Launch of open letter to be presented at Hidden Harm Summit. This meeting has ended.


Discussing Child Sexual Exploitation/Domestic Abuse within Black, Asian & minority young people and adults. This meeting has ended.


Discussing racial discrimination domestic abuse services experience and Black Lives Matters (BLM). This meeting took place just after George Floyds death. Sistah Space & Southall Black Sisters both presented at this meeting. This meeting was opened by Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu. This meeting has ended.


Discussing spiritual abuse, witch craft and Devi Desi. This meeting was opened by Dr Prospera Tedam. This meeting has ended.


Discussing Coercive control within Black, Asian & minority ethnic communities. This meeting was opened by Jess Philips MP. This meeting has ended.


Discussing those from black & minority ethnic communities who use harmful behaviours within families and intimate partner relationships speakers include survivor of HBA, Respect & Drive Project (rep from the Home Office have been invited also). This meeting has ended.


Discussing Male Victims from black & minority ethnic communities speakers include Dame Vera Baird QC- Victims Commissioner, Dope Black Dads, Mens advice line, Mankind Initiative, Dr Mohammad Mazher Idriss, Victim Support & a male survivor has asked H.O.P.E to read his story to the group. This meeting has ended.


Discussing domestic abuse & housing issues for black & minority ethnic communities speakers include Alison Inman (opened the call) Kelly Henderson (founder of Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA), Saranya Kogulathas (Standing Together Against Domestic Abuse), Bredna Fraser (Home Finder UK) , Sharon McLoughlin (ASB Consultant), Geeta Nanda OBE (CEO Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing), Rosie Lewis The Angelou Centre, and Rosie Gakhal Panaghar Housing. This meeting has ended.


Discussing Modern Slavery & Economic abuse within black & minority ethnic communities speakers include Karen Geddes FCID Walsall and Wolverhampton Hubs & Chair WMP BAPA (West Midlands Police), Bal Kaur Howard, Jasbinder Kaur Surviving Economic Abuse, National Crime Agency (NCA), Saima Supporting Sisters & Polly from The Sharan Project. This meeting has now ended.


Discussing Black & minority ethnic children & young people impacted by domestic abuse speakers include Marsha de Cordova MP Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary, Annie Gibbs Founder Amour Destine CIC, Jermaine Jackman (Singer & Song writer, Co-chair of Hackney Young Futures) , Natalie page Founder of & #thecourtsaid – The Campaign for Survivor Family Justice., Yasmin Rahman (Juno Women’s Centre) and Michelle Lee-Izu Corporate Director of Children’s Services (Development & Innovation), Barnados. This meeting has now ended.


Discussing Mental health & Domestic abuse within black & minority ethnic communities speakers include Jon Ashworth MP, Kadra Abdinasir -Head of Children and Young People’s Mental Health, Yasmin Khan CEO- Staying Put, Dr. Ravi K. Thiara- Associate Professor University of Warwick, Mark Trewin- Mental Health Social Work Lead with Chief Social Worker, DHSC, Myira Khan Counselling- Counsellor, Supervisor, Coach- Founder of @growtoglow_flow & @MCAPN_CO_UK & Rachel McDonald Therapeutic Counsellor, Special Domestic Violence Court (SDVC) IDVA, Advocate of Women’s Rights, Vice-Chairperson of BAWSO (Black Association of Women Step Out) and Asma- Founder of Soul Sisters & Survivor of DV. This meeting has now ended.


Discussing Sexual abuse, and rape within black & minority ethnic communities speakers include Jain Lemom- Senior Policy and Commissioning Manager, Violence Against Women and Girls Mayors Office for Policing and Crime, Kira Pooni- Survivor and Activist also showcased in because we are Girls (dialling in from Canada), Nogah Ofer- Centre for Womens Justice, Djan Headley- IDVA Sistah Space, Dr Marie Lefebvre- Quetzal project Leicester and Imran Manzoor Head of Service Breaking the Silence. This meeting has now ended.


This will be the last call for 2020, speakers include Nicole Jacobs- Domestic Abuse Commissioner, Dawn Butler MP (invited yet to confirm), Claire Waxman Victims Commissioner London, Dr Olumide Adisa Research Fellow/Head of Centre for Abuse Research (CARe); Domestic Abuse Research Network (DARNet) Lead, Ryan Butler- Nelson Soul Trader Photography, Lucy Martindale Anti – Knife Crime Campaigner, DA survivor& CCE survivor & Rianna Raymond-Williams founder of Shine ALOUD UK. This meeting has now ended.

Some speakers participated to date:

  • David Lammy MP
  • Professor Aisha Gill CBE
  • Baroness Sandip Verma
  • Dr Roxanne Khan HARM Network
  • Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu
  • Hibo Wardere
  • Marsha de Cordova MP  Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary
  • Jermain Jackman – Singer&Songwriter  Co-chair of @HacYoungFutures
  • Natalie Page- Founder of & #thecourtsaid – The Campaign for Survivor Family Justice.
  • Adhar Project (Leicester)
  • Pragna Patel (Southall Black Sisters)
  • Craig Pinkney- Solve: The Centre for Youth, Violence & Conflict
  • Naomi Donald- PODs
  • National Crime Agency (NCA)
  • Jess Philips MP
  • Dope Black Women
  • Al- Hasaniya
  • Kafayat Okanlawon
  • Min GoebCoercive Control & recovering from trauma
  • Sistah Space
  • Creating Equalz
  • Listen Up Research
  • Nazir Afzal OBE
  • Trade Sexual Health
  • The Nia Project
  • Karma Nirvana
  • West Midlands Police
  • The Halo Project
  • Dr Charolotte Proudman
  • Professor Marianne Hester
  • Dope Black Dads (DBD)
  • The Sikh Women’s Action Network (SWAN)
  • Dr Emma Katz
  • Metropolitan Police

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Check out a quick simple video explaining the H.O.P.E national meetings here.

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