National Calls covering Domestic Abuse/Sexual Violence within Black & Minority Ethnic  Communities during Covid-19 2020 

During Covid-19 H.O.P.E Training & Consultancy (supported by HARM Network, Dr Olumide Adisa &  Sarah Wigley Associates) have been providing a platform for  Black & Minority Ethnic Communities to have a discussion about how domestic/sexual abuse/ violence is impacting survivors during Covid-19.

The aims of these 1 hour Zoom calls are to :

- Create a safe space for front line workers, activists, survivors, academics, policy makers and students among many others, to come together during this pandemic and discuss issues impacting them and those they are supporting. 

-Motivate those attending to expand their learning enabling them to increasing their knowledge to inform their future action

-Forge the links for those attending to feel Stronger, Supported and more Connected during Covid-19. 

Recurring questions already identified during these meetings are (just to name a few):

- Where are the voices of Black women/men/children when we are discussing Domestic Abuse/ Sexual Violence?

- Where/When will funding be made more mainstreamed and accessible for Black & Minority Ethnic communities working with survivors?

-Why are police reports of domestic abuse/sexual violence from Black & Minority Ethniccommunities are lower then in other communities?

- Why do we as a society do not routinely discuss historical sexual abuse within lBack & Minority Ethniccommunities?

- Why do many organisations that work with Black & Minority Ethnic survivors feel they struggle to have their voice heard?  

Speakers participated to date: 

  • David Lammy MP
  • Professor Aisha Gill CBE
  • Baroness Sandip Verma
  • Dr Roxanne Khan HARM Network 
  • Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu
  • Hibo Wardere
  • Adhar Project (Leicester) 
  • Pragna Patel (Southall Black Sisters)
  • Craig Pinkney- Solve: The Centre for Youth, Violence & Conflict
  • Naomi Donald- PODs
  • Sistah Space
  • Creating Equalz
  • Listen Up Research 
  • Nazir Afzal OBE
  • Trade Sexual Health 
  • The Nia Project 
  • Karma Nirvana 
  • West Midlands Police 
  • The Halo Project 
  • Dr Charolotte Proudman
  • Professor Marianne Hester 
  • The Sikh Women's Action Network (SWAN)
  • Dr Emma Katz 
  • Metropolitan Police 

A variety of front line workers, activists, survivors, academics, policy makers collaborated to produce and submit an  open letter to the Home Secretary Priti Patel. This was signed by over 70 individuals/ organisations and submitted prior to the Hidden Harm Summit which took place on 21.4.2020.  Thank you to Dr Roxanne Khan and Dr Olumide Adisa for their hard work towards this letter and survey. 

If you would like to join future calls (open to all) please email  Please note minutes are no longer available for these meetings.