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If you are a racialised staff member working in the Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Sector, this FREE, 10-Week Leadership Programme is for YOU!

H.O.P.E Training and Consultancy & the Drive Partnership are working to address systemic barriers to colleagues from racialised communities entering the sector, and remaining as part of the workforce and progressing to leadership opportunities.

The Key Aims of this programme are:  

  •  Tackling Institutional Racism.
  •  Focusing on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  •  Addressing Feelings of Isolation.

Recognising a lack of diversity in the workforce and inadequate opportunities for professionals from racialised communities is a prominent issue across the not-for-profit sector.

The Drive Partnership commissioned H.O.P.E Training and Consultancy to research the views and experiences of nearly 50 frontline staff from racialised communities and over 40 sector leaders working within specialist domestic abuse perpetrator services and organisations.

The Drive Partnership has committed to implementing:

  •   A leadership programme for staff from racialised communities.
  •   A development course for sector leaders.
  •   The development of a support network and action learning.
  •   Evaluation and sharing of findings.

During this 10-Week programme, candidates will receive:

  •   Separate coaching sessions (via Zoom) with an independent workplace coach (provided by H.O.P.E).
  •  Access to leadership resources and action learning sets.
  •   Access to leading guest speakers.
  •   Networking Opportunities amongst other leaders.
  •   SUMMARY REPORT – Workforce Development and Leadership Programme.

View the Criteria for the 10-Week Programme via  H.O.P.E Criteria and Aim of Leadership Programme

For any further information, please contact