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PhD Research call for participants!

Overarching research question

How do Black and Mixed-race children make meaning of their experience and life inside domestic abuse refuges?


Coronavirus has been dubbed a dual pandemic, creating fertile ground for perpetrators to exert power and control over women and girls, whilst simultaneously exacerbating racial disparities and intersecting inequalities. The Domestic Abuse Act considered landmark legislation, finally recognizes children as victims in their own right. Whilst race is under the spotlight and children have the victim status, they have long deserved, it is time to make a substantive contribution to an under researched area and create an evidence base about the experiences of Black and racially minoritized children, who I argue are living under the radar because little is known about their lived reality.


I have access to a sample of primary school aged children living in refuge, but I am also looking to interview Black and mixed-race survivors of domestic abuse who have lived in refuge to obtain reflective accounts. This insight will be incredibly valuable as these narratives have been omitted from literature.

With the spotlight on race and children receiving victim status I believe there can be a catalyst of change for Black and Mixed-Race children experiencing domestic abuse. Can you join me on this journey?

If you would like more information or have any questions about participating feel free to get in touch with me by email or Twitter M_Homelesslink

Deadline Friday 8th October 2021.

About the researcher

Michaela is a part-time doctoral researcher, exploring the lived experience of Black and Minoritised children residing in domestic abuse refuges. In 2021 Michaela won best non-traditional presentation at Manchester Metropolitan’s Postgraduate Research conference. She has also been a panellist on the VAWGN, AVA and H.O.P.E Calls cross-cultural webinars. Michaela hosted the launch of Xhosa Cole, BBC Three musician of the year “Stationary Peaceful Protest”. Michaela is one of 75 women to feature in H.O.P.E Calls digital art project celebrating Black and Brown women in VAWG.

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