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H.O.P.E speaks to Rianna Raymond-Williams

H.O.P.E speaks to Rianna Raymond-Williams. Writer, Researcher, and Social Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Shine ALOUD UK (C.I.C), journalist for the likes of The Voice Newspaper, Black Ballad, and The Independent and is a Sexual Health Advisor for the NHS.

This article covers Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic erupted across the world stage just over a year ago, we have seen how health systems have been stretched, communities have been broken, and so many of our most vulnerable members of society become even more vulnerable. In particular, it has become significantly more difficult for those experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV), a form of domestic violence (DV) that is perpetrated by a current or former spouse or partner in an intimate relationship, against the other spouse or partner. To learn more click here.

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