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H.O.P.E speaks to Rianna Raymond-Williams

H.O.P.E speaks to Rianna Raymond-Williams. Writer, Researcher, and Social Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Shine ALOUD UK (C.I.C), journalist for the likes of The Voice Newspaper, Black Ballad, and The Independent and is a Sexual Health Advisor for the NHS. This article covers Since

H.O.P.E Supports Super Complaint

H.O.P.E supports Super complaint’ launched against police by Teesside charity HALO project to combat ‘systemic issue’. A charity says critical failures have severely damaged the effectiveness of police investigations of sexual abuse affecting complainants. A Teesside charity has filed a “super complaint” against alleged systemic

H.O.P.E Training Joins 125 Other Organisations

H.O.P.E training joins 125 other organisations calling for a national perpetrator strategy and are supporting this amendment in the domestic abuse bill. This has also been signed by academics, survivors & safelives. Pioneers who want to see systematic change in addressing abusers & widespread, quality-assured

Check out the work from Holly Ringrose

Unfinished portraits honouring the lives of those killed by Domestic Abuse. Holly Ringrose. Holly created a Social Media Project to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse and to honour women killed by men who should have loved them. Holly took inspiration from Adrian Brandon and Karen

H.O.P.E in 2020

In 2020 H.O.P.E worked tirelessly with a number of academics, activist, survivors and organisations to ensure the voices of victims were heard in the continuing pandemic. Thank you to Mandy Johnson for capturing this all. Mandy Johnson (she/her) (@MsMandyJ) / Twitter